Flower Detail

Erysimum allionii

This is not the best image, but I ran out and took a picture when I discovered I didn't have any. They tend to bloom early in the season and while they may be a perennial, I think most of mine grow from self-sown seeds. Very nice orange.


Wallflower, Orange

Erysimum allionii

Type: annual   Zone: --

Elevation (if known):

Color: orange   Height: 10 - 18 in

Ease of growth: Easy

Bloom Time : Summer

Sun: yes   Part Shade: yes   Shade: no

Water Needs: regular

Native to: Canary Islands, naturalized thru US   CO/NM native? no

Deer Resistant: no   Rabbit Resistant : no

Soil : Well Drained

Propagation: Seeds