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Clematis tangutica

These tend to be more shrubby in my garden than others. They also reseed a lot. The yellow blossoms are smaller than my other clematis; the seed heads remind me of dandelion seed heads in that they are very feathery (probably why they reseed so well!). I've placed them at the edge of the garden where the seeds blow away into desert areas where they don't take hold.


Clematis, Golden

Clematis tangutica

Type: perennial   Zone: 3,4,5,6 - ?

Elevation (if known):

Color: yellow   Height: 3 - 5 ft

Ease of growth: easy

Bloom Time : Summer

Sun: yes   Part Shade: yes   Shade: no

Water Needs: regular

Native to:    CO/NM native? no

Deer Resistant: yes   Rabbit Resistant : no

Soil : Average

Propagation: Nursery plants, self sows