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Anemone canadensis

I love these! They are doing very well and have spread in the area I wanted them. Plants and flowers look delicate, but are very cold hardy. They need good soil and regular water. Mine are somewhat protected from the wind by the greenhouse. Haven't tried transplanting any yet.


Anemone, Meadow

Anemone canadensis

Type: perennial   Zone: 1 - 4

Elevation (if known):

Color: white   Height: 1 - 2 ft

Ease of growth: easy

Bloom Time : Late Spring, Summer, Early

Sun: yes   Part Shade: yes   Shade: no

Water Needs: regular

Native to:    CO/NM native? no

Deer Resistant: no   Rabbit Resistant : no

Soil : Rich, light, well-drained

Propagation: Spread by creepin rhizomes